We often pay two minutes silence out of respect and remembrance.

Can you imagine a whole day of silence?

Group silence is a powerful medium for Peace.

Stillness channels love, surrender and acceptance. Silence channels Peace. What might happen if the World united and became silent for a day?

What if the entire globe became still and silent for 24 hours as a mark of respect for the planet?

Could it be combined with raising white flags and signifying Peace on Earth?

Silence and stillness help heighten your senses. Moments such as two minutes silence allow opportunities to see further than the confines of our own minds.

Animals and nature know of silence, of stillness, of Peace, of the beauty of the sun and the wonders of living. Animals know the planet. If we all became still, silent, for a day would it spook them? I feel they would look at us knowingly and breathe a sigh of relief. What of the weather? Would clouds part? The sun shine brighter?

These are unknowns in the history of modern man. Unknowns within our reach; possibilities we have yet to explore.

Technology begs us to try new things in this World, sitting patiently in the background, connections made, potential waiting to be realised.

We have made the connections.

We have invented the World Wide Web and global communications systems.

“We” need to put it all together.

How long?

How long to implement a potentially planet changing experiment?

What could we achieve after Peace?

How might we make future generations proud?

I’ll leave the rest to silence.

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