You have learned from the day you were born. You continue to learn every day of your life for the rest of your life. You even get to share what you have learnt, perhaps teach others and share your knowledge and experience.

Your time here on the planet is a meeting of worlds – inner and outer.

Your time here is also precious and valuable.

Input influences output and output influences input.

Imagine how different your output might be depending on the input! If you only ever got taught positive lessons; imagine how different your life and view of the world might have been. Since the past has gone you can’t change previous years or yesterday, you can only make a difference now and for the future.

The meeting of worlds, your inner world and the outer world, offers infinite possibilities, and every day is a new day, a new beginning, when and where you can explore those possibilities.

Have you ever stopped to contemplate the meeting of worlds?

From the outer world:

What wonders has the world given you? Think outside of wealth, possessions, accumulated assets and materialistic avenues. Consider what really matters, what you are grateful of and thankful for.

From the inner world:

What have you given the world? What can you, or might you, give the world? How have you and how can you make a difference? It may not be instant, you may need to discover what your contribution is; perhaps it is what you do already?

The meeting of worlds governs your life, how you interact and experience your time on this planet. You can collect experiences and you can also leave a legacy of meaning and positive change.

The world made you different and made a difference in giving you life and time here. You can make a difference too.

Getting is temporary – giving can last forever.

What might your inner world have for the outer world?

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