Down a narrow country lane a swan stood in the middle of the road and stopped my car. It raised its wings momentarily and slowly walked around, continuing its journey – this time nearer the grassy side verge.

Nature is full of wows; pockets of brilliance – moments that can easily leave you speechless. Nature takes its course, the planet, the weather, animals moving, everything unfolding in perfect harmony moment by moment.

The beauty is often silent – the swan moved by without a sound, save for a few gentle flaps of its long brilliant white wings.

The swan had one pace, no rushing, it got there when it got there, moved by when it moved by and continued when it continued.

The road was clear ahead, yet I was transfixed in the mirror, stunned by the swans beauty, magnitude and majestic frame. A large bird with perfect white feathers, huge black wading feet and bright orange beak.

There is nothing much to do other than smile; a wonderful lesson in embracing uncertainty and working in harmony with the present moment.

I waited and watched in fascination as reality unfolded – nature imprinting yet another miracle memory; entirely visual, no dialogue and yet it spoke louder than any words could convey.

I’ve often thought about what animals might be thinking – if the swan had something to say what would that something be? All the mind can concoct is a story – the real beauty would then be lost – the beauty was in the brief moment shared.

Nature – the great purveyor of silent wonders.

This time, lessons from a swan that left me speechless.

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