Here is a mind map exploring a possible cure for droughts, floods and famine. Global waterways – intercontinental water pipes. Think electricity, satellites, internet, telephones, technology, tunnels and bridges already linking the world partially or fully. Imagine such an interconnection circling the planet for water distribution, however many years it takes to create the vast project. Imagine being able to direct and redirect water resources – a flood becomes an opportunity to service a drought.

Obviously there would be a safety requirement and multiple cut-off and checking points much the same as present water supply systems in individual countries. The many advantages would include furthering the need of global peace, uniting the planet and linking human interdependence.

Interesting fact: The longest pipeline is 2,856 km (1,775 miles) long. It carries crude oil and runs from Edmonton, Canada to Buffalo, USA. Source of reference: Usborne World of Knowledge Encyclopaedia 1993

Global waterways: a tap in every land – global water supplies. Crazy? Impossible? Really? Or achievable, however long it takes?

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