The sky is the limit, so why build and grow at ground level only?

Existing skyscrapers could be used to convert to multi-storey greenhouses, or create purpose built ones specifically for growing food. The skyscrapers could intermingle with existing buildings or be erected in new designated areas or both. Potentially co² could be sucked in to assist in combating pollution and to aid the growing process.

Multi-layer greenhouses could reduce starvation and even employ those at risk on islands and in cities designed specifically to grow the food. (More on that in Wednesday’s Mind Map) Wind and solar energy could also be incorporated; built-in wind farms could form part of the upper structure of the buildings with solar panels added all round.

Globally, vast buildings are erected for vacations and to work in – so why not use the same methods to grow food?

The sky is the limit – grow upwards!

If I had a skyscraper Id build a multi-storey greenhouse – in fact, no, I’d build hundreds of them 🙂

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