The E-Books below are designed to help you create stylish and artistic mind maps of your own.

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“Drawing Tips For Mind Mapping” E-Book

Beginners guide to creating simple cartoons and illustrations for Mind Mapping

This 110 Page E-Book covers the following topics:

Colour wheel and use of colours
Discover the effects of colour and colour arrangement including how to make better use of the colours in your Mind Maps

Suggested Equipment
Learn about the products I use to create my Mind Maps; including ideal paper choices, drawing pens, colouring inks and paints.

Drawing Fish
Discover how easy it is to draw fish with a simple to follow step by step process

Drawing Cats
Learn how to draw cats and perfect the art of drawing a great cat in under 45 seconds!

Drawing Books
Learn how you can draw books with ease by following a simple stage by stage process

Using Stencils & Templates
Explore how you can use stencils and templates to create unique characters, original cartoons and illustrations

Drawing Hats
Learn how to draw hats and how you can use your imagination to create your own original drawings by applying the same principles to other drawing subjects.

Mind Map Templates
Learn how to create and use Mind Map templates for work, home and play.

Drawing Curves & Shapes
Draw anything you wish in minutes by learning how to view objects and create your own unique illustrations and cartoons from simple lines, curves and shapes

Detailed breakdown of “Fantasy Mind Map”
Learn how to create a complex Mind Map by following a step by step process – see how I created a Mind Map called “Fantasy” from scratch

Enhancing Creativity through Thought Reduction
Discover how you can expand your creativity and idea generation through quietening your mind.

Drawing Speed Tests
Learn how to draw cartoons and illustrations in seconds by using drawing skills speed tests

Drawing Faces
Learn how to create faces and invent your own characters, cartoons and illustrations step by step

Discover how to create lettering, using simple tips and tricks including inventing your own alphabet

Photo to Cartoon transfer
Learn how to draw cartoons and illustrations by viewing photographs and picture references

Drawing Tips and Tricks
Discover how easily you can use simple tips, tricks and techniques to enhance your drawing skills and create your own unique and original Mind Maps

Learn how to create sketch doodleboards to constantly improve your drawing ability

Mind Maps
Discover how to apply Drawing tips and techniques to improve your Mind Maps

“How I drew my Mind Maps” E-Book

Learn how to take your drawing to the next level in my second E-Book of 71 Pages which includes:

The thoughts behind the maps
Learn how I plan my Mind Maps and incorporate cartoons, drawings and illustrations within them

Mind Map structure
Discover how I create my Mind Maps with step by step processes, walk-through demonstrations, ideas and tips

What products I use
Learn more about the products I use, why I use them and how you can utilise them to create your own unique, colourful and memorable Mind Maps

Tips and tricks for drawing
Learn how to create complex illustrations by using simple tips, tricks and techniques to advance your Mind Maps to the next level

Colour placement
Discover the best use of colour and colour placement in creating unique compositions.

Image placement
Learn more about the placement of images and the use of colour and space within your Mind Maps

Detailed image analysis
Learn how I create images and arrange them on the page, with step by step illustrations from concept to completion, starting with a basic sketch outline right through to the finished colour drawings and Mind Map examples

Illustration walkthrough step by step
Discover how I create depth and 3D effects and learn how to create your own complex illustrations

Fast sketching
Explore fast sketching; drawing objects at great speed for practice and in order to create illustrations and original design styles. Learn how to discover your own unique drawing style

Idea generation
Learn more about creating ideas, combining topics and skills and harnessing your inner creativity

From a simple line and curve to an image
Learn how you can take a simple line or curve or combinations of the two to create original and fun drawings, illustrations and designs

Overlap and 3D
Discover through step by step processes and detailed examples how easy it is to create complex illustrations with simple overlap techniques that can take your Mind Maps to another level.

Plus a few surprises!

“Idea Creation” E-Book

In this 101 Page E-Book I share how I create ideas and help guide you towards the land of infinite possibilities – you will never be stuck for an idea again!

The E-Book contains over 20 Mind Maps including:

Idea Creation
Topical Ephemeral or Practical Immortal
Theory of the Brain
Planning Ahead and the Bigger Picture
Sparking Ideas
What is Original?
Thinking Styles
Thinking styles template
Creativity Toolkit Mind Map
Planetary Thinking
360° Thinking
Creative Focus
Odd Combinations
Thinking outside the Box
Thinking outside the Box Checklist
Curious Brain
Constant Daily Learner


Why simple is often best
Learn how to fire your inner creativity through simplicity and originality

Fresh ideas
Discover how to have an endless supply of ideas and creative possibilities

Use thinking – don’t let it use you
Learn how to harness the power of your brain and thinking processes to channel your unique talents and abilities

Lifespan of an idea
Discover more about what makes an idea great, its longevity and potential

Simplicity of an idea
Learn how to tap into simplicity to find solutions, encourage your creativity and focus your positive productivity

Everything stems from a thought
Learn how to control your thoughts and encourage and recognise quality ideas

Planning ahead and the bigger picture
Discover how you can plan your creativity, expand your thinking potential and spark new and fresh ideas in 360° style

Sparking ideas
Learn how to generate new ideas and through creating quantity start to unearth the quality

Random thinking styles
Learn how to create your own unique thinking styles and techniques, to generate new ideas and combinations and uncover the gems within

Creativity Toolkit
Discover how you can gather a few simple tools to help you spark your unique idea generation

Outside the box outside the box
Learn how to generate outside the box thinking and then travel even further for more ideas

Ideas don’t dry up – thoughts do
Discover the secrets of how ideas come to you and what you can do to encourage and harness them.

Constant Daily Learner
Discover how to enhance your senses and learn from experience on a day to day basis.

Land of infinite possibilities
Learn how you can arrive at the land of infinite possibilities and never be stuck for an idea again!

“Happiness Beyond Thought” E-Book

Simple tips and strategies for a harmonious and stress-free life

This 85 Page E-Book includes the following Mind Maps:

Happiness is your primary state
Stop Thinking Tips
Happiness is inside you
Go Within
Present Moment Awareness
Positive Acronym Your Name
Letting Go
Plus a Bonus Mind Map

Contents include:

Happiness is your primary state
Learn how to discover true happiness and inner peace through thought reduction

Stop Thinking
Learn how to control your thinking and reduce your negative thoughts. Discover simple techniques that can bring you peace and calm

Happiness is inside you
Discover how simplicity and inner peace can be found and are not reliant on outer circumstances, possessions and attachments.

Go Within
Learn how to find inner peace through silence and the quiet realm within often known as the “Gap”

Learn how to meditate for inner calm

Organisation – Inner & Outer
Discover how organisation and simplicity on the outside reflects on and benefits your inner states

Coming back to now (Present Moment Awareness)

Discover the beauty of the present moment

Discover true happiness and inner peace

Learn how to stop incessant thinking and take control of your thoughts

Learn how to meditate, relax your mind and body and foster inner calm

How to stay in the present moment

How to let go, find simplicity and transform your life for good

Simple tips and strategies for a harmonious and stress-free life

“Mind Map Game Boards” E-Book

For light-hearted fun and idea generation; business & personal

46 Page E-Book plus Large JPEG Image Set


Choice Maker Game Board
Use the Choice Maker Game Board as a Random Choice Selector for idea generation, fun and more

Choice Maker Blank Version – see this in action
The Blank version allows you to create unique Choice Maker Game Boards of your own

Boredom Buster Game Board
Select random hobbies, ideas, pastimes and interests; for occasional daytrips, days out, or lifetime pursuits

Chore Choice Game Board
Add a fun element to sharing out or selecting chores using the Chore Choice Game Board

Positive Thinking Game Board
Enhance your mood and create a positive thinking environment with the Positive Thinking Game Board

Theme Maker Game Board
Create ideas and storylines from the images within the Theme Maker Game Board

“My Favourite” Mind Map
Outline your personal favourites for a snap shot of your unique personality

Bonus Mind Maps
Two Bonus Mind Maps
Mind Map Game Board Image Set (8 Individual Large Size JPEG Images)

Print the images out in whichever size you wish and even laminate them for longevity

Signs of Awakening E-Book

What happens when I wake up?

How do I know if I am awake?

Two questions anyone on or reaching the end of any Spiritual journey will eventually explore.

“Signs of Awakening” is a collection of over 100 observations for contemplation and reflection.

Are the signs true for you in your experience?

Do the signs resonate with you?

Explore the “Signs of Awakening” for yourself and see.

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