Where the light shines there is silent peace. Shards of light streaming from behind clouds glistening in the sky. A solitary candle flickering; moving, then still. Squinting brightness against darkness, shadows, form, silhouettes and reflections.

Freedom, freeing, free; unconditional, welcoming, all embracing. The light of peace caresses the planet, warming us and sustaining life, continuously.

No sound, just beauty; silent joy. No expectation, no requirement, a quiet offering, a tranquil gift.

Completion and completeness, wholeness, like the ever-present buzz of life within; witnessed without. No control of and no need of control; simply there – simply serving. One sun; billions of heartbeats.

You drive, you walk, you sit, you stand and the light of peace is behind you all the way, as a backdrop or guide, seen or unseen.
Tripping on a dew drop, swimming in a puddle, skimming on a sea, drying grounds, ripening fruits, curling leaves, warming hearts and energizing worlds.

Thank you sun, thank you light – real life; true peace.

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