Imagination helps design the future. If you can dream it, possibilities can become realities. Science-fiction writers have imagined future worlds and their imaginings have evolved into reality.

Imagine one hundred years from now. How might life be different? How might it be easier? What will the world look like?

A fun experiment is to explore longstanding items and imagine how they might be different. Books have stayed relatively the same for many years, fridges, doors, beds, cars; endless possibilities that you can imagine with a difference. How might our streets and buildings look in one hundred years’ time? How might we look? (See: How could you modernize a Door? Mind Map)

Imagine how books could be different; they might one day have mini screens built-in to watch DVD clips of the content. Fridges – might they one day read the barcodes and stock check the contents, perhaps even re-order items automatically? Might a robot one day call to pick up your car for a service? Imagine wireless and aerial free buildings and landscapes.

Pick everyday objects and imagine them in one hundred years’ time. How might they work differently? Can you think how to better them? Do you think they will be defunct?

Take a journey back one hundred years and it is easy to see how quickly human ingenuity and technology transforms our lives. A few examples of relatively recent inventions (Check out the following book for many more: 1001 Inventions that changed the World ISBN 978 1844036110)

Fuel injection (1910)
Zip fastener (1913)
Traffic lights (1914)
Lipstick (1915)
Pop-up toaster (1919)
Television (1926)
Colour television (1928)
Electric guitar (1931)
Microwave oven (1945)
T V remote control (1950)
Pocket calculator (1970)
World Wide Web (1989)
Digital cell phone (1991)
DVD (1995)

We take many things for granted and lose sight of how brilliant the human mind is in creating everyday objects; life changing and life bettering inventions.

Time travel back before the above dates and contemplate life without those items.

Fast forward back again to now and the items have greater meaning; you can be truly thankful of how relatively easy modern life is in comparison to how our ancestors lived.

Now zoom forward one hundred years from now. Can you imagine the world in 2110? The rate of change every year now is astonishing – so what about 2110 – a hundred years from now? Imagine 2110.

The future is born out of our imaginations. We each have a brain capable of incredible power and potential. Get dreaming, get thinking, get imagining and you will be designing our future.

Here are my predictions for 2110:

I feel we will have World Peace
I feel world problems such as starvation will have been solved
I feel we may have an alternative system to money
I feel we will have GPS ourselves (human GPS) with reduced crime and missing persons
I feel we will have solved all energy concerns
I feel we will travel in computer-assisted vehicles to almost eliminate crashes
I feel we will have zero-emission cars and transport, possibly electric-powered vehicles as the norm
I feel sounds of machinery will reduce dramatically and life will be quieter
I feel the vast majority of the people of the world will be happy, thankful, grateful and content and know how fortunate they are to be alive and have a life
I feel worry will no longer be a predominant mind concern
I feel much more than the above is possible and we will as a race stand amazed at our own achievements, many of which may seem impossible right now

What might your predictions be?

What is your future world vision?

How will 2110 look?

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