your eyes where time stands still.

The timeless space is now – always; you can only ever view the blank piece of paper in the present moment. Try if you like yet you won’t be able to view the paper yesterday. You can plan to view it tomorrow, perhaps add it to your diary, yet once again – you can’t view it in the future right now, only when you get there.

This moment is the future of yesterday’s dreams; a point that only once existed as imagination, anticipation, expectation, uncertainty. Dreams escape now – the very reason they aren’t real.

Real is now, this moment – this is; so welcome to now as you read this 🙂

The blank piece of paper might be a computer screen or the clear blue sky – the base on top of which life moves. Memory is a static backdrop; yesterday’s wave, recollections of the past, real once and now largely unreal. The future is an imaginary point, a dot far away, somewhere we believe we travel to even if we go nowhere.

If you stay still or in one place today goes and tomorrow comes – you don’t have to journey to it.

If you frame a blank piece of paper, even call it art if you like, it can represent a moment in time; forever now. No need to date it, no need to number it, the blank piece of paper is there now and tomorrow and only ever viewable now.

This is now – what is? This is.

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