As human beings we share many common positive traits and areas that we all enjoy.

Some of the areas that unite us such as dance, food, art and music, bring us together in harmony. Many are celebrations of life with the power to unite. Collective interests, hobbies and leisure pursuits are good examples of ways people pull together within likeminded fields. Enthusiasm encourages learning and participation and stems from enjoying what you do passionately.

I feel we can use these areas that unite us to help make positive change throughout the world by creating more worldwide celebrations of life.

We have the Olympics, we have the World Wide Web – we have the ability to make connections that generations before us have never known. I feel the areas that link us all as human beings in celebration are crucial to life and crucial to peace.

Imagine the news channels of the World, right around the globe, filled with positive celebrations of life on a regular basis.

How can we make better use of the areas that unite us? By using our collective imagination, joining our unique talents and celebrating our human potential. We can start combining and utilising the many areas we all share in common and have a love for. The Olympics brings nations together to celebrate human potential and achievement – we need more of that in all areas.

We each have something special to offer and combining our skills and knowledge is a powerful catalyst for change.

Every day you wake up is a cause for celebration.

The world needs your contribution.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your contribution is.

We are not all destined to be the best, simply to do our best.

This world has infinite patience and it is waiting for you to shine in your own unique way.

Be you – be who you are – do what you do – and carry on shining.

Individually we can each make a difference.

Collectively we can change the world.

What areas could you explore to help celebrate life and improve the world we live in?

How can we make better use of the areas that unite us?

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