You may have to suspend disbelief as you entertain this idea!

One day, it could, might, work.

Every occasion of motion, could offer potential for harnessing energy. Might we one day develop units that charge, or collect energy in motion?

From the basic speed, friction or motion created by bicycles and motor vehicles through to elevators and speeding trains. Essentially anything that moves!

Imagine the potential if every single bicycle journey, through the action of motion and/or the pumping of pedals, resulted in collection of energy in a small device that could be plugged in, stored and harnessed. Imagine these mini-generators collecting energy every second of every day.

How could the motion be collected and/or converted?

How might it work? Motion into energy fantasy or possibly?

If workable imagine the thousands of activities which could be utilised to harness energy from motion. From parachutists and sports through to nature – galloping animals, perhaps birds in flight. If it moves it could harness energy! How small could the units be? Pedometer size or down to micro chip?

What else? Could speeding trains and other ultra fast movers incorporate wind farm units?

Harnessing motion into energy – fantasy or potential? Impossible or possible? Now or in the future?

What other abundant free resources have we yet to capitalise on?

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