In sharing silence you share freedom. Share a silent moment and you share peace – effortlessly.

Silence shared equals effortless peace.

You can try it with someone you love, or alone; perhaps with an animal or pet or in nature.

If you sit alone and feel angry or negative, you can only be angry or negative by having angry or negative thoughts.

Try sitting silently with someone who angers you and think peaceful loving thoughts, rather than negative, reactive or defensive thoughts.

You can share silence alone or with others by focusing on your breath. A good practice exercise is to watch a silent digital clock; as the minutes pass focus total attention on your breathing; breathe slowly, deeply and silently. Even if you only do this for a minute or two your thoughts reduce or subside and your body starts relaxing.

Silently witnessing the natural environment encourages stillness and peace to descend. Observing your breath you can surrender to the moment and the moment shares its peaceful stillness with you. Watching birds or animals is a wonderful way to sample the peace of nature.

If silence is uncomfortable for you see also the Fear of Silence Mind Map and Meditation Mind Map

We use a minutes silence in remembrance and as a mark of respect; I wonder what might happen if that were a daily event?

Might it become a daily event for you?

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