Temporary blindness caused me to have a greater appreciation for music. My sense of hearing was heightened and sightless I could not read, write, paint, draw or watch the television. The experience helped me surrender to the present moment something I did not realise fully until years later.

Diabetes caused the temporary blindness (in 2001) as my body adjusted to living life on daily insulin injections. It took approximately one month for normal sight to return. Each day I would wake up, open my eyes and hope for clear vision. Until it returned all I could see was dim and hazy light, like squinting your eyes to let the least light in.

Music has always been a huge influence in my life and over the years I have sampled and enjoyed all genres. I also have a deep appreciation of silence and classical music, for me, sits in-between silence and louder music.

When you cannot see and can only hear you don’t always want to listen to music with words. Instrumental classical music offers beauty, tranquillity and peace; a gateway to the silence within via the gaps in the music.

Classical music, as with most music, is born out of silence and being instrumental it helps quieten your mind. You can appreciate the notes of the music and also the gaps in-between. Personally I prefer calming and relaxing classical music, be it piano, guitar, violin, cello, strings or orchestra. Simply listening and succumbing to the music in the moment frees your mind and comforts your heart.

Music has a timeless and universal quality, enjoyed the world over, often despite language barriers. Music speaks to you within, even without words. Music is a universal language. (See also: Music and Sport are Key to Peace Mind Map)

Classical music captures flow and harmony and often conveys emotion. It has infinite varieties, from light to lively, celebrating human skills and achievement both in composition and performance. The universal quality suits all ears despite other tastes in music. The timeless quality bridges generations; many pieces sound as fresh and unique now as when composed even hundreds of years ago.

If you have never listened to it, I urge you to try and experience the Peace of Classical Music. Sample the notes and the silent gaps between. A starter recommendation CD to try is “Classic Moods” 2CDS 452249-2 which contains over two hours of relaxing classics.

For more on heightening your senses check out the “How to Heighten your Senses” Mind Map

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