Truth and illusion; both thought-based; both require identification with thought. Illusion is a script, a story; truth has no “story” it just “is”.

A tree is a tree – that’s truth. If I tell you all about a tree and about everyone who comes and goes and sees the tree, that is a story – or stories about the tree. The tree is only an example; it might be a rock or a flower or anything. The name of the tree is a label; another story – the tree is a tree whatever it may have been labelled by our ancestors. Even the word “tree” someone had to label. The labels come and the mind thinks it “knows” – knows what the tree is, knows all about it and so the enquiry is over.

Beneath the labels of names and stories the tree is a tree and you are you. Labels come and go – one day the tree might be a brown tree, another day it might be a green tree – still a tree. One day you might be a painter or an electrician or a doctor or a vet, yet you still remain you beneath the titles. The you beneath the labels.

Once the mind has a label for something, it rarely looks any further because it thinks it knows. There is so much more to life than a label. Before a label curiosity and intrigue, after the label potential ignorance. The danger of a label is we say that is a daisy and look away and then forget to actually see the daisy. To embrace the daisy and simply look without thought then you see the daisy for real; possibly even for the first time.

To sit with a tree and simply observe, that is a true connection with nature. To meet another person or an animal without a barrage of labels that is a real connection; beneath the labels, beneath the analysis, beneath the stories of who or what the person “is”, or what the animal “is”.

So today, what might you meet with for the first time however many occasions you have seen it before?

Today, who might you connect with and really truly meet, possibly for the first time?

The before and after of what you know; the before and after of what you “think” you know.

Look again and perhaps for the first time ever you may see 🙂

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