Clock – alarm, watch

Invented – non-existence, illusion

Infinite – eternity, timeless

Wasting – losing, watching

Moments – fleeting, evaporates



Time, like a river, flows endlessly,
Carrying moments, both big and small,
From yesterday to tomorrow, effortlessly,
Never pausing, never stopping at all.

It brings us joy and sorrow, love and pain,
The ups and downs that make life so real,
A constant dance, a never-ending refrain,
That shapes and molds us, from head to heel.

It tests our patience, teaches us to wait,
It whispers secrets of what’s yet to be,
And shows us that we cannot escape
The hands of fate, so gracefully.

Yet time can heal, can make us strong,
Can give us hope and help us grow,
For all that’s passed and all that’s wrong,
It’s but a moment, in the great ebb and flow.

So hold tight to every moment, cherish every day,
And make the most of all that time can bring,
For it is a gift, and it won’t stay,
So use it wisely, and make your heart sing.


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