As an exercise in collecting random words for idea creation, the mind map format works extremely well. Whether you create searches for specific subjects or simply note words from your followers tweets you can quickly amass countless single keywords, some connected, some random.

The beauty of this is making new connections, coupling unusual phrases or applying the words you collect to your writing. You can also cross link via the branches coupling words anywhere within the mind map.

This simple example might be expanded by adding new parameters such as only recording very unusual words, or words specific to a niche, or new words you don’t know, or trying themes such as only adding short words or long words.

Because the words arrive relatively slowly there is plenty of time to doodle and contemplate between collecting your random words.

This idea can also be used when listening to the television, radio, songs, videos and more. For even more random connecting try channel hopping or switching between wildly diverse music genres. Taking the idea a stage further you might even flick to random pages within books for a similar effect, or read sentences and substitute some of the words. This can explore new meanings and often adds a comical twist as well as generating new ideas.

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