“Use your head” normally refers to being sensible, displaying “common sense”, using your mind, brain, thinking and logic.

There’s far more to using our head’s than that; far more than thought alone. Heightening the senses is just a beginning.

Our hair can help sense temperature, insects and cobwebs and more. Our hair style can change our looks and the way we feel about ourselves; even “speak” by sending a message of what we are about to others.

Our eyes can view and observe and appreciate our environment without the need of thought. They can sense the wind, feel the rain, feel dust and flies and sense light and dark. Our eyes are the cameras for our minds. We can also think with or without our eyes.

Our taste is another huge information gatherer; sensing salt on the sea breeze, noticing bitter, sharp, sour, sweet. Tasting the weather and air and feeling the wind, sometimes taking our breath away.

Our chins can stand for resilience, strength, hard work and dedication. For courage, grit and resolve. Classically we often hold our chins whilst thinking, as if taking weight off our mind.

Smell warns us of danger; smoke, fire and the like. We can smell heat and cold and also sense if something “smells” right using our intuition.

Our ears soak up our environment feeding back information to our minds; they can be a doorway for sounds of pain or pleasure. They can notice distance and depth; near and far and hear words, sounds and music worth hearing or not.

Our forehead lines are great indicators of stress levels and a sign of concentration. Reading between the lines they can stand for worry, over thinking and analysis and act as lifestyle signs indicating choices and wellbeing. Frowning is a great indicator of mind activity and often a reminder to let go and relax.

When you hear the phrase “use your head” it can mean far more than just using your mind. I’ve barely scratched the surface – there are no doubt many more ways of using your head.

What does using your head mean to you?

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These maps are helping me restructure my life after 44 years.