Here is a Mind Map Checklist for use as a project pointer to assist in sparking new ideas.

I have created the Mind Map as a reminder and prompt to consider what the recipients of your project are looking for; based on the well known and vital phrase Whats in it for them?

As a suggestion you could plan your project first using your normal systems, methods and planning procedures, then take a look at this Mind Map and tick off areas you have already addressed or considered. The WII4T Mind Map may prompt new ideas and different avenues.

The checklist serves as an example of how you can use Mind Mapping to gain bigger picture perspective on your projects, idea generation and much more.

Whats in it for you?

Its free and may help you 🙂

If you wish to discover more about how I generate ideas you may wish to purchase my Idea Creation E-Book, which contains over 20 Mind Maps, plus tips, tricks and techniques to ensure that you are never stuck for an idea again.

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