Viewed from high up we probably look just like ants; milling around, building this, constructing that taking stuff from A to B and back again. I wonder if ants think when they go about their activities.

Thoughts play a huge part in the what, when, where, why, who and how of our daily lives and yet, if we arent aware of our thinking it can be as if a trap door has opened that was labelled Come in, listen to me (We didnt see the sign of course just sailed on in) and our inner voice has us cornered. Stepping out of constant mental chatter can then become a monumental task getting back up the stairs and out of the trap door isnt possible because we forget there are steps, we forget there was a trap door and we are totally unaware we have plunged into darkness when above the level of thought light still shines.

To find the steps again means keeping the inner narrator at bay by being aware of your thinking and identify where your thoughts are at any given time. Once you become master of your thinking you will no longer need techniques or ideas, yet if the trap door is constantly tricking you into a fall you may like to try the Mind Map below. Whenever you feel anything other than happy, satisfied, on purpose and moving in the right direction take a look at your thinking (use this Mind Map if you need to) and see what is happening by questioning your thoughts.

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