Music and Sport unite humans. They are a celebration of life, like art and many other areas of expression.

Imagine for a moment inner and outer Worlds without borders; without a claim to “space” in Space. Imagine being born on this planet and the planet being at peace. Imagine being educated on a planet at peace and growing up on a planet at peace – future generations may experience it. We could too; after all, peace exists in many parts of the world already, so it is possible.

On this planet, in this universe where exactly does Peace stand?

Here is a simplified proximity of Peace:

1. Space
2. Planet
3. Peace
4. Humans
5. World Problems
6. War
7. Borders

We have been stuck for millions of years, working away from the first four stages above; effectively moving in the wrong direction. How can we reconnect with the basic facts that we are all here sharing this planet together? We need to climb back up the scale, reverse our manmade inventions. Here is a loose overview of how this might be achieved:

Steps back to Peace:

1. Stop fighting
2. Reduce borders and barriers
3. Use war funding to support manpower rather than weapons – i.e. maintain World Forces
4. Utilise the manpower of United World Forces to combat World Problems
5. Reconnect with ourselves – Humans on a peaceful planet somewhere in Space

Here is a thought to ponder: If the Planet were under attack by alien invasion all countries would have to join forces because our lives would depend on it: Why wait?

If the planet’s survival meant us pulling together we would have to do it; so why not do it now?

The steps above are a simple summary and naturally there are many more elements to it, however, I feel these changes could be brought about extremely quickly once the ball starts rolling. Simple because it is unravelling back to the start rather than inventing something new. Unravelling the complexity inherited through generations; undoing years of confusion needs a simple strategy. The simple strategy is to remember who we are – humans on a planet in Space.

Humans on a planet in space who could be at peace.

Peace is an achievable miracle.

Music and sport are key to peace; areas where we come together to celebrate life and the planet and I feel they can be used as a catalyst to create world peace on this planet.

What a gift we could leave future generations; what a legacy and what better opportunity than the Olympic Games, where countries already come together to celebrate life and human achievement?

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