Each of us has a quiet place inside; the realm of inner peace. Have you found yours?

I have created this mind map to help you tap into the peace and silence within. The words need to be read slowly, with total attention. Begin with the branch “name” and follow round the mind map clockwise. Contemplate fully yet effortlessly; no need to try too hard. Allow space, relax and feel the peace within you – sense the silent space beyond or beneath your thinking mind.

You don’t need to “think” when sensing your breath or body, just notice.

Once you sense the calm state within, you will have found a place of peace that you can revisit at any time. For some it can take practice; others can sense it immediately. By tuning in to your inner body, you can begin to recognise tightness or areas where you are stuck, both mentally and physically and make small adjustments and corrections. For example, if I note stiffness in a hand I can gently tell the hand to relax and unless there is a medical reason why it cannot relax it will start to do so almost immediately. This indicates the connection between body and mind, as opposed to being totally absorbed by your thinking. Developing “I feel” as well as “I think”.

Imagine you have a volume control on your senses and you can turn your senses up to ten, full power; whilst at the same time welcoming, accepting and surrendering to any noise around you. Your mind may wish to label noise and react to it. If you are grounded in your body; that is, you can sense your body and the life within and if you are able to allow space between your thoughts, the noise need not distract you. Most noise comes and goes, so you can observe any silence after noise and remember there is also silence beneath noise.

If the words in the mind map are read at speed without space and contemplation this may well mean nothing to you. If investigated slowly and experienced fully this mind map could potentially be a life changer.

You might like to revisit the mind map a couple of times daily as a quiet meditation exercise, once on waking and once before sleep. These times are normally quietest which helps if the practice is new to you.

I hope you find the Go Within mind map calming. I feel it may have a deep and life transforming effect if you meet the message with total attention. You may or may not achieve instant results; yet with practice and perseverance you will be able to go within at will. Keep in mind it is not the words creating peace inside you, it is the connection within and without; greater awareness of body, thought and environment.

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