We are born happy; unhappiness is learned – happiness is our original, our primary state. Like an inner gem before a blanket is thrown over it. The diamond still shines beneath the sheets.

What are the sheets and blankets? What covers the diamond within us? Streams and streams of opinions, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, concepts and notions that become deep attachments. We literally grip the sheets and won’t let go – tugging at blankets; clutching at rugs. Every single layer buries us deeper until one day it dawns on us that the sheets have piled so high they are all we ever see. Then comes a frantic scramble to undo the layers in a quest to see with more clarity. Suddenly there is an awareness of the world outside the sheets and a glimmer of the sparkling jewel within. The journey of unravelling begins.

The less attachments, the quicker the sheets or layers peel away; some get replaced by new blankets and the piles begin again. Can you sense the castle of material; the walls of learning that prevent you seeing anew? It’s like a cloud of woolly jumpers blocking your chances of new vision.

The unguided, unnoticed mind is capable of dreaming the same dream every day. Seeing the same sheets, blankets, duvets; walls effectively. When you notice your thoughts you can begin to notice your dreams. Repetitive thoughts are like the left luggage constantly travelling around the conveyor belt at the airport. It’s the last bag, being watched by you, it isn’t your bag and yet you are transfixed, watching it move round and round. The bag doesn’t change, there are no new bags arriving, everyone else has gone and the cycle continues endlessly. Maybe my bag is coming, maybe it’s on its way, maybe this is my bag and I don’t recognise it? Trapped in a story, like the piles of sheets covering the inner gem.

The diamond beneath the sheets shines whether you see it or not. It may be hidden in darkness, yet that does not stop it sparkling. Throw as many blankets at it as you like, it will still shine unconditionally. When the diamond gets uncovered it continues to shine, just like the sun shines whether in a cloudy or clear sky.

The diamond beneath the sheets; the jewel that perpetually shines, is the real you. You know what the real you is and what the real you isn’t – so you know the diamond within.

Let it shine. Throw off the sheets and let it shine.

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