A simple exercise for relaxation and calm is to gently and slowly repeat a single word as a meditation. As you repeat to yourself your chosen word, pay attention to the gaps between saying the word and perhaps widen the gaps progressively. Observe your breath at the same time either in the gaps or constantly.

Using a single word helps focus your mind and nurture calm. Short positive words, especially those with one syllable, work nicely, although you could also use short phrases.

This meditation works well because it helps you reduce your thoughts down to a single word. With practice the gaps between saying your chosen word can grow and therefore help you quieten your incessant thinking.

The beauty of this technique is that you can feel calm and relaxed anywhere by taking a few moments out to compose yourself. Hundreds of opportunities arise throughout the day to explore a one word meditation. Waiting in queues, prior to appointments, on the telephone, during a journey – infinite occasions when you look closer. You can also practice this simple meditation during chores.

Give the one word meditation a try and see how simple it is to feel calm and relaxed.

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