Some of the strongest walls we build are the internal ones we create ourselves. Is there a wall holding you back? Have you created a wall in front of you? Can you develop x-ray vision and see through it, break it down or find a route round? Are your dreams always further than the next horizon or beyond the next wall? Are you waiting for gates to open or building new gates?

Ideas need space. Thoughts need space. Dreams need space. Time to think. 100 years from now, what might life be like? Enter imagination:

What could you invent now by dreaming of future worlds?

I love the work of Byron Katie – she asks four questions that can change your life starting with “Is that true?”. A wonderful technique for personal transformation and equally brilliant for exploring anything in life be it business, research or innovation.

To never see walls all you need is a questioning mindset; allowing curiosity to feed possibility.

What is the unseen? Is it there already waiting to be uncovered or does it require inventing to become “seen”.

Michelangelo said he kept carving until the statue appeared from inside the marble.

What might there be behind the walls we create?

When we travel, moving from point A to point B there are dozens of methods for getting there – and likewise in every field there are dozens of possibilities in terms of ideas. Your imagination is so powerful you can travel the world; explore space; create new universes, even without going anywhere. You also have the power to cloud possibilities and to cover up your dreams. The power to create walls; physical or mental.

Could the difference between success and failure be as simple as a thought?

Your thoughts can stop you or you can take charge and make things happen.

What will you choose?

What might you be capable of achieving if you never see walls?

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