Here are 50 Tips for the Positive Rebel
1. Develop a total and positive disregard of the past
2. Total focus and determination in the present and for the future
3. Total commitment to solutions
4. Openness and willingness to “not know”
5. Never see walls; aim at potential
6. Focus on can rather than can’t
7. Positive desire and passion to succeed
8. Invincible belief in solution orientated success
9. Committed to positive change
10. Committed to making a difference
11. Committed to leaving a legacy of meaning
12. Welcoming and embracing ideas unconditionally
13. Transcend ego and gain seeking
14. Willingness to fail as part of success
15. Acknowledgment of existing rules yet not confined or defined by them
16. Willingness to see and seek alternatives
17. Selfless sharing and caring
18. Developing positive ignorance in order to hone in on positive focus
19. Unwillingness to stand still –constantly welcoming change
20. Infinite patience
21. Welcoming criticism as feedback
22. Knowing when to fuel momentum and when to let go and move on
23. Not discounting new ideas on the grounds of “logic”
24. Harnessing bigger picture perspective
25. Refusal to fail despite all odds; not giving up
26. “Value” focus and commitment
27. Being certain despite uncertainty that answers exist
28. Ability to see the good and create positive turnarounds
29. Willingness to listen to yet ability to ignore critics
30. Ability to break history both in the present and of the past
31. Desire to challenge convention
32. Persistently opening doors and creating new ones
33. Prepared to ask endless questions
34. Ability to channel thinking to consider, explore; delve deeper
35. Challenge the known, the norm and assumptions
36. Laugh in the face of impossible
37. Willingness to dream, fantasise, imagine
38. Timeless commitment to pondering and contemplation
39. Desire to squash limitations
40. Inspired and committed to excellence
41. Seeing creation as a voyage of discovery
42. Time-flexible; seeing 100 years ago and 100 years away
43. Rise above temporary defeat and aim long-term from now to future
44. Bridging ordinary to leap into extraordinary
45. Imagine the future; both tomorrow and in a thousand years time
46. Be a rebel with a cause – a cause greater than yourself
47. Challenge thinking including your own and be prepared to be wrong
48. Be an advocate of peace and a positive role model
49. Encourage, harness and celebrate the good in yourself and others
50. Dare to be M.A.D. – make a difference
Be a positive rebel; expand and improve the above in your own unique way 🙂

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