Fantasize – originality, expand

Allow – encourage, development

Missed? – what, overcomplicated

Why? – consider, think?

Combine – known, unknown

Challenge – rules, ego

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Think outside the box, break free from the mold,
Let your imagination take control.
Step out of line and dance to your own beat,
Create your own path, it’s time to take the heat.

Embrace the unknown and let your thoughts soar,
Forget what’s been done before.
Open up your mind and let your ideas flow,
You never know what you’ll find, that you already know.

It’s time to let go of what’s expected and real,
To find a new way, a new ideal.
To find the courage to try something new,
And let your true self shine through.

So go ahead and take that leap of faith,
Embrace the freedom and ignore the hate.
For when you think outside the box,
You’ll find a new world, full of opportunities and rocks.

So dream big, believe in yourself,
And never let the world put you on the shelf.
Think outside the box and watch what you can do,
For a world of possibilities lies within you.

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