Imagine you have woken up marooned on a deserted island. Just you and a beautiful island; full of stunning flowers and abundant fruit and vegetables – rich sand, sun, sea, air, freedom.

No smog, no hum; just peace, tranquillity and calm; a passing cloud and a singing bird.

And the check of your wrist confirms your watch is not there, the sun tells you its day, the sky hints at morning.

No phones, no buzzing, no ringing; just stillness – all around you there is peace.

And the moment seems “perfect” – you can’t go back or forth – just this. Pointless resisting – this is all there is.

No boat, no plane, nothing to take you away; so you surrender and breath.

And you wake up truly this time, at home; the power of thought – the wonder of a dream. Reality beckons, yet somehow you can still catch a glimpse of the vision of that timeless moment.

That timeless moment is now; it hasn’t left.

No stress; just this, surrendered to now, accepting what is.

On a deserted island the choices seem clear, many already made for you, some gone for good. Here, the same choices still remain, deep beneath the distractions on the outside lies a place of ownership, of responsibility – where you set the limits and the boundaries and make your selections.

Be an island

It’s not about ignorance – it’s about choosing peace

Be an island

It’s not about pretending negativity doesn’t exist – it’s about preferring the positive

Be an island

It’s not about control – it’s about choice

Be an island

It’s not about specialness – it’s about sensible selections

Be an island

It’s not about blocking out the world – it’s about cherishing the beauty of the planet and embracing the things that truly matter

Be an island

It’s not about numbing the senses – it’s about marvelling at them

Be an island

It’s not about others – it’s about living your life how you choose to live it

Be an island

It’s about silence, stillness, simplicity, visions, dreams, goals, priorities, space

Can you find that deserted island within that allows you to visit whenever you wish?

Can you be an island, even if for a few minutes, as a relaxing getaway?

Can you see beyond the busy thoughts that cover up your peace?

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