“Stop the planet I want to get off”

Only you can’t.

Nobody does! Well, maybe a few.

Do you have a spaceship, a rocket or air craft that can take you into space? Unless you are Richard Branson, I doubt you said “Yes”.

So, you’re here, stuck here in fact and even if you die you aren’t going anywhere because you haven’t got a spaceship, rocket or aircraft to escape Earth in even if you could fly it as a spirit rather than a body. Perhaps spirits can fly – who knows – so let’s deal with the known. You are here and you can’t leave. So why resist it?

Why resist being here in your form, whatever your form may be and whatever it means to you? Why resist what you are, what you are doing and what you are being at all?

“Stop the planet I want to get off”

To where? This might be the best experience there is!

The mind trap is of course trying to escape the inescapable. Thought tries to escape the present, back into the past or off into the future. You cannot change reality; you can only ever accept illusions temporarily. Reality is now.

What if you died in space? Would your spirit float indefinitely? Would you not be able to return to a habitable planet and take on another form? What if you moved to another planet and died there – would you then be trapped on that planet?

This is a short journey into the unknown – via imagination – things we don’t know for certain. Do we need to know? The opposite of the unknown is the known. Only, do we really ever “know”, the known is much like a padlock – clamp it shut and then throw away the key; now we know (or think we know) so now we don’t need to look again. Or do we?

The spider you stamped on, the fly you squatted, the past you left behind; all gone. How can you escape what you have already escaped? Possible or impossible? How can you move on from what you have already left behind?

“Stop the planet I want to get off”

Do you see the illusion? Do you see the “promise” of escape? The lure of more of a prize on the horizon.

You’d have more chance scaling a 1,000 foot high mirrored tube running in water!

You’re here; stuck here, resistance is absurd – the moment it truly sinks in is the moment you can begin enjoying your days and recognising how fortunate you are.

The gratitude of being; being alive, being you – just “being” if that is what you are called to do.

If you feel ungrateful about your life it may be time to consider alternative circumstances. Until such time as your circumstances change, perhaps you’ll have to change your expectations. Love is far more important than money – always. You can replace money – you can’t replace people.

Take a look around you at the things you can and cannot replace and you quickly see what really matters.

“Stop the planet I want to get off”

The bottom line is – there is nothing to escape from. Gratitude is simply remembering all that you do have and can be thankful for, instead of focusing on what you don’t have.

It’s the things that you cannot replace that really matter.

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