This mind map is a tribute to Richard Carlson who left us many life changing books on happiness, stress reduction and self-transformation. In his book “Easier than you think” one of the chapters is called “Find a way to laugh every day”.

Richard recounts a story of a day when he was taking everything really seriously, the world seemed against him, and he felt overwhelmed, tired and grumpy. His state of mind meant that everything became exaggerated and blown out of proportion.

Richard’s wife Kris (you can follow her on Twitter @KristineCarlson) had the perfect solution. Whilst they sat in their car in a parking lot, she said “Richard, I’ll give you five dollars if you can look at yourself in the mirror for an entire minute and not break into a laugh”

Sounds easy, yet five seconds later a frowning face, became a smile, the smile transformed into a laugh and the laughter turned to happy tears.

Richard suggests we need to see the value in laughter instead of dismissing it as something frivolous or reserving it for good times. Looking in a mirror is one way and you could devise many other creative ways to see the lighter side.

Richard suggests examples such as time with kids, reading funny books or watching favourite comedy shows. He says “Laughing gets my mind off whatever it is that I’m taking too seriously”

Here is an excerpt from the chapter:

“The act of laughing serves as a powerful reset button and restores the big-picture outlook. Laughing is our mind’s way of telling us that everything can and will be okay. When we laugh, our bodies release molecules called endorphins that immediately make us start feeling better. Simply put, laughing is the easiest and most natural way we have of feeling better immediately.”

Next time you have a grumpy moment, try laughter with the “Laugh every day” concept suggested by Richard Carlson.

I recommend the book “Easier than you think” and others by Richard Carlson.

Illustrating the mind map made me smile – I hope it makes you smile too 🙂

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