Creating without the creator is to let what you “feel” guide you by dropping the ego and entering the stream of your unique free flow. Submerge yourself in the doing and being. No trance, no special state, just a calm and quiet flow of conscious activity.

How? Witness the doing without directing the doing. Drift in effortless simplicity; create without the need of thinking “I am creating”. Create from a quiet place within, exploring your inner undirected vision. Welcome your finesse and be non-judgmental of outcome. Explore the beauty of what you create as if what you do is totally new to you; the excitement of uncertainty – the wonder of discovery.

Surrender to the moment and free flow from action to result; errors included – no mistakes only learning and experimentation. If building a wall, quietly let the wall build itself; by being and doing instead of just doing. Enjoy and marvel at each step. If sculpting, carving, painting, drawing, simply flow; lovingly tap your unique expression – creating without the creator.

Let go and flow.

Summary of Creating without the creator mind map:

Ego – zero/none/free/less
Effortless – simplicity/stream/drift/witness
Vision – still/senses/action/silent
Non-judgmental – finesse/welcoming/poise/beauty
Result – allow/free/flow/accept (surrender to the moment)
Mistakes – none/trying/learning/lessons
Doing – motion/movement/freedom/being
Expression – unique/inner/tapping/loving

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