When I am calm, relaxed, happy I recognise I am not labelling the moment as good or bad. The moment just is what it is. If I label the moment “good” what is going to happen when the “good” moment disappears or the circumstances that I believe are making the good moment change? The moment in which I am happy for no reason is the real happy moment, as opposed to the moment in which I need “stuff” on the outside to make me feel happy. The middle is the happy balance point, where good and bad pose as imaginary tokens taking you away from zero to a plus or minus figure. Life is constant fluctuation, incessant change; it can’t always be good and won’t always be bad. So, the middle offers a place of happiness for no reason. To be happy for no reason you have to discover what that means to you personally – uncover the “how”. How can I be happy for no reason?

Good and bad very often arrive as stories or thoughts that take you away from reality. Here is an example:

I wanted sunshine today and it’s raining, so now it’s a bad day. The farmer down the road wanted rain for his crops so to him it’s a good day. The weatherman reports the weather whatever the weather. The planet organises the weather because the planet knows best.

In the above scenario, what I called a bad day (raining) was only a thought; the farmer decided it was a good day (raining) another thought. Reality is the rain – good and bad are the thoughts about the rain.

Can I be like the weatherman and simply notice and accept the weather? Can I be like the planet and understand that the weather does what the weather needs to do? Can I see this day as good despite the weather? Can I step out of the story of good and bad weather and flow with what comes? Today could be a good day if I don’t label it a bad day and find reasons to confirm why it is a bad day.
You can spend all day on a seesaw of good and bad or you can notice the fluctuations and decide to sit at the balance point in the middle and observe.

Shakespeare summed it up brilliantly:

“Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so”

Can you observe the labels of good and bad and not let them affect you?

Here is an affirmation to try:

“I am happy for no reason”

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