Ideas are a universal currency – all of us can afford to have ideas, to share ideas, to “trade” in ideas, whether rich or poor. Ideas are a universal currency universal currency – now there’s an idea!

Ideas are also a universal language in that a good idea can translate globally.

Imagination is limitless – every single one of us has unlimited potential within via our thoughts.

You might have an idea and not be able to realise it; if you share your idea someone, somewhere will be able to take it further and potentially make it a reality. An idea aired is an idea shared. If you have a great idea or even if you are unsure whether it is a great idea or not, if you don’t share it no one can hear it.

Share your ideas – air your ideas – and if within your capacity to do so, implement your ideas. If your ideas fail have another thought, another idea; try again.

Contemplate the many thousands of ideas and inventions you see around you and take a moment to ponder what might have happened if the idea was not shared? If the person who had the idea didn’t “think” it was worthwhile to share it.

You don’t have to know if all your ideas can be done – share them anyway.

“It’s the one who doesn’t know it can’t be done who does it!”

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