“I’ve had a bad day”

Such a common phrase and yet perhaps the expectations were too high? Perhaps the bad day only lives on because you keep recalling it?

How long does a bad day last?
When does a bad day end?
What governs a bad day?
Who keeps the thoughts alive?

If you sleep eight hours and are awake sixteen, a bad day lasts sixteen hours maximum or much longer if you repeat your thoughts, or carry it over to another day. The bad day event lasted the entire sixteen hours? Is that true? Did the bad day really last sixteen hours? The events that caused you to declare it a bad day – how long did they last? How long did you choose to focus on the events in order to declare it a bad day? How many times have you chosen to think about the events after the event?

If you hone and pinpoint bad day events and compare length of time and reactions, you begin to see how the bad day is mostly thought based. Think about events that take under a second that might result in you declaring your day bad or ruined. A bad day, because of a one second event?

Is it worth wasting days, hours, minutes, or seconds even, on repetitive thoughts or events or, are you better off dropping your bad day, letting go and moving on?

The answer is pretty obvious; one choice stands in the way of realisation; to drop or not to drop.

On the above mind map, if you point your finger to or highlight the hours of events that you deem bad you’ll quickly see a visual perspective of the bigger picture – the 24 hours and the hours that went right! It is not the impact of the event so much as the focus of attention put on it.

“I’ve had a bad day” really translates into:

“I have chosen to focus on a single event that happened today and because I have identified my thoughts with the event for longer than necessary, I have chosen to declare the entire day a bad day, despite anything that went right!”

“I’ve had a bad day” really means “I’ve had a bad few seconds!”

Hang on or drop – the effort is similar yet the results are hugely different.

Every day is like a drop of water plopping into a vast ocean called your life. You can focus on the drops or the ocean – the choice, is yours.

Drop bad days, welcome good days and remember, there will be another day tomorrow, a new 24 hours awaiting you, a fresh start; a chance to begin again.

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