You have a thought so it must be true. Not necessarily.

You have a thought, share it and someone agrees so now it must be true. Not necessarily.

You have had the same thoughts all your life so they must be real. Not necessarily.

Thoughts are thoughts.

Thoughts are not always facts.

You can attach to a thought whether true or not.

Chained to the known your reference is thoughts about the past. Chained to your views of how the future will unfold your reference is your standpoint, your beliefs, your position; your thoughts. Chained to your thoughts = stuck in thought.

By recognising you are thinking, you can question your thoughts. Questioning your thinking helps you break free from being stuck in thought.

Thoughts are just thoughts.

Many thoughts recur, circle, cycle, repeat; habitual patterns, learned behaviours or reactions – all still thoughts. If your thoughts appeared as a television series would each episode be the same? Would the storylines be the same? Same scenes? Same characters? Who is the writer of your scenes? Even if you think others write the script ultimately you are your director.

Unaware of your thinking the inner talk revolves in a never-ending story; and mostly fiction.

Some thoughts you have had for so many years you’d think they are locked, immovable, rigid – and yet the way out is a change of thought. You are only ever one thought away from a change of thinking.


Shine a light on your thoughts. Acknowledge them, accept them, welcome them in, good or bad, however you choose to define them, bring space to your thoughts.

Thoughts are simply just thoughts.

Stop and ponder your thoughts, choose which ones to listen to; realise that you can break free of constant thinking.

Mind Map, write out, list, journal any repetitive thoughts that may trouble you – draw thought bubbles as bullet points if you like to enforce the acknowledgment that they are just thoughts.

With practice you can change your thinking to a more positive focus by dropping unhelpful thinking and following more productive and useful avenues.

What are some of the signs that you are stuck in thought? Tune in for Part Two coming up in the next post and mind map.

In the meantime you may wish to check out my Free 85 Page E-Book “Stop Thinking” which shares tips on thought reduction, meditation and relaxation. See also the Dealing with a Negative Thought Mind Map and Present Moment Awareness Mind Map.

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