Trying to “find” yourself is like running a marathon without knowing the route and then realising “you” are here, now, stationary (or moving) in this moment.

Seeking yourself in all directions; trying to find who you are away from where you are.

You are where you are – wherever you are, that is you.

Sitting still for 20 minutes and realising where you are with total awareness of your body and surroundings – that’s you.

There you are.

If you get up and move somewhere else and check with total awareness body and surroundings – again – there you are.

It doesn’t matter what you have around you or on you; that’s outer – the inner is always there wherever you go. The inner is the place of the “real you” – the “you” that you take with you wherever you go. The real you, the inner you – recognise, accept, understand, explore, appreciate, love, celebrate, enjoy – effortless and peaceful surrender to the moment. You, in the moment, without badges or labels the “you” that never leaves you.

If you are trying to find yourself, you’ll discover you haven’t left; you haven’t gone anywhere and never have. You have always been there, wherever there is or was, or will be.

There you are.

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