Imagine changing habits was as easy as altering the sliders of your graphic equalizer on your stereo.

Well it is.

Changing habits requires a turning down or off of negative habits and a turning up or on of positive habits.

Whether turning down or turning up, tuning in or tuning out, – the control is focus. To tune your habits, adjust the volume and fine tune the balance.

Temporary interference such as thought, denial and procrastination can inhibit fine tuning and yet ultimately it depends how committed you are to positive change.

Try incremental improvements if you cannot slide the sliders all the way – shift a little each day until you fade out the negative habits.

The ideas in this mind map are only examples – you can decide which areas of your life empower you or weaken you. You could also use a scale system and grade yourself; for example if you wish to stop smoking or drinking you might cut down by a set amount each day until you reach zero.

If you have ever kicked a habit you know the before and after – the improved “new you”. Breaking habits which improve your health are great starting points because that makes you feel better and therefore better equipped to maintain the momentum and strength to break other habits.

Naturally, as with the equalizer, circumstances change and the sliders often need adjusting depending on the type of music.
To help you change habits for the better as part of your self-improvement and personal development:

What could you turn up or turn down?

What could you tune in or tune out?

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