What is your passion? Not desire what is your real passion?

What gives your life joy, bliss, love and pleasure?

Are your goals clear? Your aims?

What gives you a buzz; a desire to wake up every morning and look forward to a new day, knowing and realising how lucky you are to have another day?

If you havent thought about it, maybe you could just be taking your life for granted; perhaps letting your days drift by without truly appreciating them, or maybe you are so blissfully happy already that you dont need to or want to think about it?

If so great! If not perhaps a reassessment is needed? Maybe if you are unsure what you do want, you could start by eliminating what you dont want. As your life unfolds and your experiences come and go, is your ability improving? Are you a constant daily learner, or perhaps you are committed to unlearning any bad habits?

Are you discovering the new and amazing?

Are you excelling and creating?

What is your direction; your purpose and is it your sole purpose or soul purpose even?

Are you following your life purpose?

Do you know what it is?

Have you got aspirations, targets and ambitions?

Have you met many of them already? Lately?

Have you begun to unearth your unique abilities and talents? Are you listening to your heart; sensing the inner voice within and balancing your wants and needs? Or maybe you havent thought about it much at all? Maybe you have thought about it? Maybe you have your life all mapped out?

If this presents you with too many questions to contend with, try asking one question at the end of every day: What did I learn today?

Better still Mind Map your day!

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