Seeing heart feels infinite and timeless love; the kind of love that feels without the analysis of thought
Seeing heart offers the warmth of forgiveness; the kind of forgiveness that wholly knows the past is over and people are by nature imperfect
Seeing heart comforts sad thoughts, bathing them in silence; the kind of silence that knows of patience and the fleeting unreality of the comedy known as thinking
Seeing heart dreams of brighter tomorrows, however dark the past; the kind of dreams that know that when light meets right timing miracles are born
Seeing heart cradles learning and births wisdom through experience; the kind of wisdom that can stop thoughts in the present and leave an immortal legacy in the future
Seeing heart breathes in awe of natural beauty, warms your heart and rejuvenates a cluttered or tired mind
Seeing heart uses the senses as windows to light the soul; the kind of windows that awaken the inner realm to meet and appreciate the outer realm
Seeing heart shelters ephemeral and fleeting moments of sadness and heartache; the kind of moments that can shift in an instant from the cold of despair to the warmth of pure joy
Seeing heart listens, looks, waits, acknowledges and senses the right time for harmony; the kind of harmony that flowers from dormancy like a 2,000 year old seed capturing sun and rain after an endless drought
Seeing heart explains the inexplicable; the kind of insight that dawns only when the smaller and bigger picture merge into oneness
Seeing heart knows; the kind of knowing without the need to know, like intuition and unconditional love

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