Wisdom lives beneath and beyond conditioned learning – where the ego won’t hear of the ego’s existence; the view through a still and clear mind sees through the illusions. Wisdom sees through to the heart of gold that each of us house, knowingly or unknowingly. The heart of gold loves for no reason sees the good and sees beyond labelled “bad”. The heart of gold needs few words and is not “injured” by a flurry of ill-chosen words, actions or deeds.

The heart of gold knows imperfect is normal. You could see “I’m perfect” – perfect imperfection. The heart of gold witnesses love beyond flaws; light beyond darkness. Good over evil.

Consciousness is the black hole for the ego; it swallows it up, birthing the brilliance of a million stars. Take your biggest laugh and your biggest cry and sense the balance of the middle ground. The centre is your heart of gold; the unruffled calm within. In the same way that simplicity makes nothing out of something, the heart of gold cushions the density of dark illusions and swallows them in silent non-reaction.

When you look closely there is no need to blame the outside for what you feel inside and that includes your thoughts. Here is a quote from A Course in Miracles: “My thoughts do not mean anything” When you question and let go of your thoughts you move towards the silent harmony of the heart of gold. That place within you that knows of the temporary nature of life – both yours and that of others. You’ll never lose your inner riches – the heart of gold is the symbol of inner wealth. Here is another quote, this time from Peace Pilgrim: “Stay away from everything that pulls you down, and stick to the things that lift you up!” A great reminder to check the focus of your thinking.

However negative your thought; it’s still only a thought. In the same way that the grudges you keep are the chains on your heart; the peace that you keep within, nurture’s polishes and refines your heart of gold. Consciousness is the X-Ray that pierces through unconsciousness. The wisdom of the heart of gold – the silent acknowledgement of impermanence; the effortless non-reaction of forgiveness.

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