This mind map is a summary of a quote from the book “Manual of the Warrior of Light” by Paulo Coelho ISBN 9780007156320

The book contains short passages about embracing life and uncertainty as we discover our unique destiny to become the person we wish to be.

The quote carries some great reminders for daily living such as being thankful for what we have and appreciating the thousands of tiny miracles occurring right now inside our bodies on our behalf.

Small miracles are all around us in the beauty of the planet and in nature. The world very often projects back to us what we give out and so you might say you help create the small miracles. There is beauty all around us and beauty that we carry inside; both of which we can cherish, nurture and grow.

Life isn’t always smooth; we each encounter failures and limitations and we each have the capability to transcend our challenges. Appreciating the small miracles helps nurture the enthusiasm to succeed and become who we wish to be.
Spare a thought for the small miracles you witness both within and without; they are the foundations on which we build our celebration of life.

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