Very often we seek distractions away from ourselves and our concerns. Instead of turning to “space-me-outs” there is a free and infinite source of peaceful fascination available to us in the world around us. The beauty of the planet, ever-changing, ever-inviting; a stunning backdrop creating heaven on earth.

If you seek a distraction away from thoughts of stress and worry look no further than absorbing nature. Allow time among nature on a daily basis, to deepen your inner peace and calm the mind, body and soul. Look without labelling, look without judging; simply marvel.

Basic examples to explore:

The unique aroma of flowers and herbs
The clean simplicity of fresh growing grass
The depth of colour of plants, trees and flowers
The veins and patterns of each little leaf
The shapes and formation of petals
The impermanence of a cloud
The sense, gentleness and force of the breeze
The seasons and weather, tides, light of day, dark of night
The heat of the sun and the cool of snow
The flowing rivers and wide deep oceans
The grace and speed of birds and animals
The seed that flowers and blooms
The bee that carries the pollen
The animal that works with and adapts to the environment
The ants that fetch, carry and build
The shadows, the shade, the reflection, the air

Absorb yourself in the present moment, a world beyond your thoughts and heighten your senses as you drink in the natural world.

A peaceful distraction – life beyond thought.

The more often you do this the more often you will feel at ease.

Stop, look, listen, sense – marvel at the beauty of the planet.

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