The global communication systems of today mean that Peace is an achievable miracle.

I think the internet carries a big responsibility for the speed of positive change – the potential for global impact is vast; the world can literally change overnight. It’s too good an opportunity to miss or waste. Technology has enabled us to connect on a worldwide platform and create instant positive impact. Collective backing and support are now available to us on a scale unimaginable to our ancestors.

The internet will almost certainly be the greatest planet changing medium available to the human race. Our chance to work together in unity for all our sakes. The planet depends on it and our futures depend on it. We don’t only read and listen and watch the news; we are the news. We are reality. We are history being born right now and every second of every day. We write the stories, act out the dreams, and witness our futures being born every moment – history in motion like a giant movie.

Being the script writers we can write a better plot and with the aid of technology change the world overnight. In this giant movie where we all play a part we are the collective box office and recipients of all the awards. Every single one of us would receive a lifetime’s achievement award for our part, our role, in changing the planet overnight. Instant success, instant stardom and what a legacy to leave future generations. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that? Wouldn’t you like to look back in remembrance, and say “I was there, I helped make a difference”? It would make you proud to stand for and represent our planet that does so much for us and sustains our lives.
The Earth Dream – Peace; an achievable miracle.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of it?

Hope is knowing that every single invention known to man never existed the day before.

Thanks to technology, thanks to the internet; thanks to instant global communication; peace is an achievable miracle.

One final question remains:


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