There is not a single athlete entering the Olympics who is not aiming at giving their best performance. Every one of them will train for peak fitness and optimum skill. Many will have their sights set on winning a medal; some will be going for gold.

It’s the desire, the dream, the aspiration, the achievement that drives them, whether finishing first or last. Thousands of athletes striving for their best – the best they can be and every single one of them knows they can’t all win a gold.

It’s the sport that counts; that and following their passion. Even those finishing last are world-class competitors; best on planet – or they wouldn’t be there.

Gold medal? Silver medal? Bronze medal? World record? Nicest legs? They are all by-products of the main event – participation at the highest possible world and individual level. In my eyes they are all winners. They all deserve a medal for competing and in a way they get one – the inner accomplishment of being there. Competing, going for gold – the shared ‘gold’ is the inner achievement of entering, after years of practice and dedication, the training and the injuries, the setbacks, heartaches and disappointments.

Not one athlete will give anything other than their all – now that’s something to fail for as well as win for. They can’t all win gold – and nor do they need to. Going for gold – it’s the going that counts.

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