I firmly believe that Mind Maps present us with the perfect tool for World change and combating the many problems we face on this planet.

This Blog Post takes a look at a few possibilities and offers some thoughts that may spark ideas in others. It also presents two Mind Maps – the second of which I feel simple enough to encourage big change – perhaps even World Peace.

Imagine sitting on the moon.

Imagine looking back at the Planet Earth.

Imagine the planet as one giant brain.

Picture each individual human being as a brain cell, milling around without proper communication or efficient connection to all the other brain cells.

Now imagine the cells joining forces, talking, planning, discussing ideas and progress.

It’s not that difficult really – it only seems it.

Mass peaceful communication to tackle common problems and head towards common goals.

Collective and concerted effort to eradicate poverty, starvation and other world problems and start respecting the planet we live on and from.

The kind of connections we make when faced with a crisis such as a Tsunami.

Viewed from outer space this might look like an obvious and simple task; more than a “possibility”

If we asked an alien to act as planet consultant, to keep the planet going, to ensure life flourishes, to aid positive progress and tackle all our problems, as an outsider looking in on us, I think they would suggest this.

They would probably answer:

“Start working together”

Similar to cultivating your own brain and mind into becoming more efficient and organised; just on a much larger scale.

The real bigger picture?

It seems so obvious – it seems so simple.

Why do we have confusion and disarray? Why do problems persist on a global scale? Perhaps we collectively believe World problems impossible to fix? Expecting something or someone special to take care of it all for us or for human progress to eventually reach a stage where these things happen naturally.

Even naturally needs action.

Action harnessing answers.

All the answers we need are only words.

Take a look at that phrase again –

Answers are only words.

Answers will only ever be constructed from words.

No magic formulae; or something coming that doesn’t already exist.

Words our main communication method will provide the answers.

We just need to find the right words.

We just need to harness the right words from the few hundred thousand words we have invented so far and look for answers among them.

Where would you start with searching for the right words?


How would you achieve peace on this Planet?

Collective agreement.

How could you bring about overnight collective agreement or peace?

Only with something simple.

Complications and complex systems rarely solve problems. They more often serve only to stir and mix them further.

What could we use? How about something simple and so easy, so achievable, that we could put it into place within 24 hours and start the word search?

How about raising a white flag in every nation?

How about starting the talking from that ground level up?

So simple – it might work.

Is the planet ready to start talking?

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