We can see space, judge mass, measure density, observe motion and vastness, distance and size.

We can’t see thoughts.

We can see simplicity, complexity, shapes, groups, clusters, waves, reach, extent, 360º, 3D, turns, spirals, coils and curls.

We can’t see thoughts.

We can observe depth, overlap, movement, reason, vision, repetition, method, direction, scope, angle, arch, arc, projection, flow, fall, drop, perspective, height, capacity, thickness, tangents, solid, hollow, bulk, thin, connection, proportion, gaps, joins, shadows, background, foreground, strength, shade, light, dark, colour, prism, variation, rainbows, mirrors and reflection.

We can’t see thoughts.

And yet we believe thoughts, think we know what we think, think we know what others think and think “we know” because we think.

We live our lives almost exclusively through thought, often missing out on a beautiful alternative dimension beyond thought.

What is that dimension beyond thought?

A dimension known as silence. The silence beneath noise and in the gaps between your thoughts. A peaceful dimension.

The dimension from which all other dimensions emerge. Tap it, bath in it; that dimension that exists beneath and beyond thought.

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