Natural joys rarely need words so I have made this a wordless mind map.

Natural joys surround us daily; only, how quickly we forget them – how soon our thoughts overlook life’s natural wonders and the beauty of living.

Remembrance and reconnection, a few seconds of awe, can lead to deep appreciation and gratitude. Being thankful for simple pleasures and all the marvels and miracles of being alive.

The crunch of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Twinkling stars lighting up the night sky.

Fragrant flowers shining in the sun.

Ripples and reflections on a pond.

Clouds drifting and swaying.

Birds climbing and soaring.

A stranger’s smile of mutual acceptance.

The majestic colours of exotic animals.

The peaceful stillness of grazing cattle.

The sky ablaze as the sun sets on the horizon.

The wonder of your senses connecting you with the world.

All of these and thousands more – natural joys, simple pleasures; and it only takes a moment to notice.

A fleeting glance, a sudden realization, connecting heart to planet; plugging without to within.

The point of realization that life is the journey, not the destination.

So near and yet so far; the distance between two thoughts.

Natural joys surround us daily. Wait for the gaps between your thoughts, look, listen, sense, appreciate.

It’s all within reach to the one who sees it.

Be the one.

The natural joys are waiting – always.

If you are in the Seattle area, be sure to visit the Heronswood Garden for amazing natural beauty!

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