Human beings exist on this planet everything else is invention. Manmade inventions, like countries, borders, barriers, languages, currencies, religions and opinions.

Ideas, information, knowledge and history are learnt. We learn about a manmade past. History is in the past, yet ultimately we design history now, in the present moment day by day, minute by minute.

The future is ours to design. We can build a future from the planet up rather than from the past up. Today’s technology means change can happen super fast, we have global connections never available to our ancestors – a massive advantage to us designing a new future that works. A peaceful future breaking down walls inherited by our past; self-created and essentially manmade, often mind-made, and often invisible divisions.

The future is ours to design. A better past is ours to create – not the past behind us, that has gone, and we cannot change it – we can however create a better past from now on!

How? In one word – redesign.

Redesign our broken elements, individually and collectively. Planning from a blank sheet of paper will allow us to design and build a future that can work. It is a bit like trying to fix an old car when you don’t have all the parts available, as opposed to maintaining a new car where everything you need is on the shelf.

Where in the world does starvation not exist; why and how can we create that same scenario in areas of the planet where starvation still exists?

Where in the world is there peace; why and how can we create that same scenario in areas of the planet that are not at peace?

Non-peace is manmade. Starvation is manmade. We invented everything.

When we finally arrive at the basic understanding that beneath the inventions there are humans and the planet, peace will arise and world problems can be addressed.

Peace resides just beneath the level of human invention; covered up awaiting discovery. It has always existed and is so close yet ultimately lives just behind and below “life” as we know it.

We’ve never quite caught up with peace because as with happiness it isn’t in front of us to be chased – it’s there already. You only have to look at nature to see it. Peace isn’t some imaginary point in the future far off in the distance to be moved towards. It surrounds us now; embraces us in every moment and we choose to avoid it. The avoidance is unconscious – there is no fault, no blame and no guilt. When enough humans see the truth that peace is instantly available a massive shift in perspective will occur. The planet may change overnight.

You don’t have to look far to witness the countless “inventions” surrounding us. Many of the inventions simply create walls, barriers and imagined protection – history confirms it; today’s world environment proves it. It doesn’t work.

This realisation is widespread and gathering pace at a phenomenal rate – one day we will catch up with ourselves and arrive at the basics which are already here: human beings exist on this planet – everything else is invention. Everything else is manmade.

Imagine if we had a clean sheet and could design a world that worked more effectively. Working with the planet from the ground up – designing our future. It may sound like a monumental task, yet there are over 6.8 billion people who can each contribute something however small. If they start by simply offering peace to one person, it could create an incredible knock-on effect.

What is preventing the realisation on a mass scale? We think we need to invent more when we need to start un-inventing. We’ll get there one day because it’s here already.

Most of the answers already exist – they just need implementing – this is a peaceful strategy for designing a better future, as a planet.

The planet helps us by providing everything we need to survive; we can help the planet and vitally, crucially, we can help ourselves.

Where to start?

What can you redesign?

How can you make a difference?

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