To innovate on a personal level and globally I feel we need to propel ourselves forward and using our imaginations start pondering what we might achieve if literally anything were possible.

Imagine life in fifty years time, a hundred years time; imagine life in a thousand years time.

Imagine we could jump in a Time Machine, see the future and come back and start creating it.

The future; I think that is where we should be planning from and start working backwards.

Innovate backwards!

Examples: in a thousand years time:

Is the planet likely to be at peace? How might we have achieved it?

Are the World problems we face now likely to have been solved? How might they have been addressed?

What would life look like?

What would transport look like?

What might we look like?

How might we go about our daily lives?

Perhaps if we juggle some future balls the “now” could be improved?

We are in awe of today’s innovation and we are in awe of innovation from the past.

Why not use our imaginations and be in awe of our own future potential?

Imagine the future we wish to see on the planet and start creating it now.

Ask, what would it take to bring about the situation we wish or expect to see?

Then design it!

We futurise ourselves on a personal level; with life planning, from career to retirement.

So, why not make an action plan for the planet?

Consult it of course

Ask it where it would see itself in 5 years, 10 years etc

What are its aspirations?

How can we help it achieve its goals?

Can we start to feel proud and patriotic about our planet?

Would we be happy to extol its virtues to others in the galaxy?

Could we call ourselves a trend setting planet to live up to?

Best in universe?

To be all that, we need to ask a very simple question:

As human beings serving the planet how might we help?

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