When was the last time you went out into nature armed with only pen, paper & thought?

No, internet, CD’s, DVD’s, radio, books – no distractions; simply you and your own mind.

Have you ever tried it?

If not, it may be worth experimenting with. Fresh air, different environment – in touch with the elements, heighten your senses.

Simply create from your own brain – and for an even better experiment perhaps try creating with less reference to memory so that anything that comes is potentially new, fresh & exciting – or at least different.

Tap your untapped ability. Find your inner strengths; investigate your talents – explore what makes you who you are.

All with your “head-top” computer 🙂

Another way to utilise this approach if you prefer software-based mindmapping applications might be to visit nature with your laptop?

Whether creating hand-drawn mindmaps or using software try creating from mind only.

No Google searching or reference – just you, your thoughts & ideas.

Run a business or work in an office?

Have a meeting in the country or at the seaside!

Create, innovate and share ideas on location.

I bet you come up with far more ideas whilst eating an ice-cream than sitting at a desk.

It brings about some interesting questions – in today’s age of technology, do we really need to be stuck inside?

Could we mix the two?

Create buildings that blend with nature.

Office leading to garden for inspiration?

I’m sure some businesses work this way – why not more?

Why not yours?

Not all buildings are ground level naturally, so you might need to create a sanctuary room:

A well-ventilated room with plants, water feature, a relaxing setting to free up and nurture the mind.

What about a building with a partial roll-back roof; now that could be interesting 🙂

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