You’re an alien – well, we all are.

You’re a foreigner – yes, well, we all are.

I assume, as you are reading this, that you are human? Okay, then I’ll begin.

Imagine you land on Earth today, as a human being from another world; some distant galaxy, so far away that no one has ever heard of its name. Imagine you land in a desert and because your technology isn’t sophisticated enough to know anything else exists on the planet you believe the whole planet must be barren, desert-like, hot, sandy and occasionally very windy!

You discover oxygen exists, so you can live here. Excellent! So, what could you build? To create a new world, so that others from your planet might also live here after you. Could you harness the sun? The wind? Could you create new water sources and food storage? Could you erect huge walls and cities to shield and harness the wind and greenhouses to grow foods? Build underground? Construct lakes and reservoirs as water sources and to encourage nature. Lay airports for fellow humans to land, visit and live. Create zoos and tourism?

The walls you build could have wind farms in them to catch the wind and convert it to power. Solar panels could power your cities. You might even graft new rainforests and introduce low water crops, plants and flowers? Maybe even draft in humans from the less habitable areas of your own planet to help start your new world?

If I had a desert – I’d start by building possibilities; ideas; dreams; potential.

What would you do?

Contemplation takeaway:

What other areas of our planet could we view as if seeing for the first time?

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